The Egyptian Salt and Minerals Company (Emisal)

  • Construction of main company Roads.
  • Construction of magnesium factory internal roads.

The Egyptian Railway projects and transport company

  • Establishment of Commercial Shops (upper shebin alkom) railway station
  • Establishment of Commercial Shops (lower Shebin al kom railway station)
  • Commercial Shops West Quisna rail way station.
  • Steel shopping Area (Upper shebin alkom railway station.
  • Commercial shops (Almhala Al kobra railway station)

Arab Organization for Industerllization (AOI)

  • Maintenance of.concrete building steel elements and land escape

El Nasr Casting co.

  • Construction of new molten Ovens.
  • Construction of Stores.

Oil Project and Technical Consulting Company (PETROJET)

  • Civil work (roads preparation)
  • Finish work
  • Steel works

The Egyptian Co. for Metallic Construction (METALCO)

  • Corrugated sheet in (100 military factory).
  • Civil work in 999 military factory
  • Civil work in 360 military factory
  • Bus parking in 9 military factories.
  • Civil work .Roads in al Nasr Casting.
  • Electric work in banisweef cement factory.
  • Civil work in 360 military factory

Helwan machinery & equipment co. (999 military factories)

  • Different civil works ، Roads ، paving.

Helwan metallic & operates co. (360 military factory).

  • Developing of Calipiration Lab.

Arab contractors co.

  • Piles foundation.
  • Retaining wall.

Abu Zaabal Engineering Industries co. (100 military factory)

  • Civil works.(finishing . conditioning of calibration laboratory).
  • (molten steel ovens floor using basalts)

The Egyptian Electric Cables co.

  • Civil works in main factory (foundations of new CNC machines)

Al Marasim International co. BIN LADEN

  • Drainage Pipelines Hurgada airport.

Al Dakahlya Sugar co.

  • Specialist paints using for the new production line of sugar

The Egyptian Railway Authority.

  • Steel st + epoxy paints + concrete + Steel Support

South helwan A Abd

  • Participate in national project for housing by execute our project in Al Asmarat region in cairo for construct 6 building for youth housing collect 216 apartments with high quality.